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Session 6: Non-legal, non-technological pressures on the Internet

Session 6 focused on pressures on the Internet outside the realm of technology and the law. JV Rufino, editor of the Philippine news portal tackled the economic pressures on the online news media. Download his presentation here.

Global Voices Online's Rebecca MacKinnon discussed the business of the Internet, pointing to lessons that can be learned from Google, Yahoo!, MSN in China. Her presentation can be viewed here.

Owais Aslam Ali, director of the Pakistan Press Foundation, talked about the economic factors that affect access to the Internet, emphasizing the need to make it work for "offline communities."


April 20, 2006 - Posted by | Presentations

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  1. Owais non-techie presentation opening my eyes that blogs will not change the world [at least not in near future] since I think he’s right when saying that the Internet are bias toward people who has abilities and means to use it and people who can speaks english.

    Comment by enda | April 23, 2006 | Reply

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